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Hello and Welcome Everybody,

As alluded to in the previous Magazine, we are entering into a New Era of the Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia. Our Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 16th March where our new Board of Directors was elected. Thus, I would like to Welcome Cameron Wright as our new President, and Alex Elliot as our new Vice-President. The rest of the Board Members will be returning to their previous positions, and I will be joining them also as a regular Board member.

What a lot of people may not realise is what goes on behind the scenes. The Club's current corporate stability is in large due to the vast work done, not only by the Board, but also by all of the Executive Members, and their assistants, who put huge amounts of work in behind the scenes keeping the Branches, Media, Membership and Spares operations running. Thus, I would like to offer a huge Thankyou to all of the Executives and Active Members for all of their support. Although not an official task, I have always been conscious to strive to maintain, develop, and perhaps re-kindle the Network of Friendship and Community that is a key attribute of our Club, of which many have noted, "…that makes our organization very much like an extended Family".

With our new President and Vice-President very much established within the AS Family, as indeed are all of the Board Members, I have absolute confidence that this Warmth and Hospitality will endure for many years to come.

I would just like to round this off by stating what an Honour it has been to be your President for the last 4 years, and I am happy that our new Leadership Team, and our Club as a whole, has a good solid foundation to support the Strong New Direction moving forward. Here's to an exciting new Future !

Signing off… Rowan Fitzpatricke



On that note, I should start by echoing Rowan's words in welcoming you all as I sign on as our club's new President. I really am honoured to have been elected to be President of such a well established and respected club as ours and will do my best to maintain and build upon the values and current standing. Knowing that I am part of the excellent team that is our current Board gives me much confidence in taking on this role. A sound and effective Board is vital in, as Rowan points our, providing stability for the Club's corporate affairs. We are very fortunate to have such capable and enthusiastic members involved in not only positions upon the Board, but also those National Officers and other important, often thankless, roles that keep our Club on an even keel. Whilst on the subject, I would like to quote that age-old saying that 'Many hands make light work' and one thing we are very keen to address is the vacant position of Secretary upon the Board. It is not an onerous position and one that would be well supported. If anyone thinks they may be able to assist, please get in touch. Otherwise, I'll harp on about it until someone tires of the nagging.

Also…in signing on, I will say that we owe Rowan a debt of gratitude for his wonderful efforts as President these last 4 years. Throughout challenging times he not only managed to carry out his formal duties, but also found time to extend to all the friendship and enthusiasm which is a cornerstone of our organisation. Thank you, Rowan we are very glad too that you have stayed on as a director of the Board. One of the absolute pleasures and a quality that I have always found with our Club is that camaraderie and support which spans the generation and is so freely shared with new members. It is with this spirit of a close-knit group that I know you will all share your thoughts and condolences with the families and loved ones of those members who have, sadly, recently passed away. Neil Grierson Chris Fieggen Chris Aplin Their friendship and association enriched our lives and inspired those who knew them.

Whilst writing, I'm reminded of the season as leaves fall from our Silver Birch (blocking the gutters…another job!) and it prompts me to note that Autumn weather often provides the most pleasant conditions for outings and events. With so many Clubs and organisations, of all sorts, having been afflicted by regular postponement I feel it is important to support and encourage whatever events you are able. Better still, if you can share this lovely season with an outing in your Armstrong Siddeley you will be guaranteed to give some pleasure, as well as receive it whilst promoting interest and enthusiasm. You'll see me use the word 'enthusiasm' quite a bit and I make no apology, as it is one of those contagious feelings and I am all for promoting it!

As you all know, we have our "Lakeside Rally' in Yarrawonga-Mulwala rapidly approaching, and with a very well-planned itinerary promises to be a terrific trip away. That's enough from me… Enjoy reading the rest of this edition of the Southern Sphinx, and if something inspires you to contribute to the next one, I'm sure it would be most welcome.

Cameron Wright

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